Loving Ourselves First

To celebrate Valentine's Day, when we take the time to show our love for others, let's take time to love ourselves as well.

Here are some ways:

Realizing that without self-love our lives will never really work. It is not selfish, conceited or wrong. We are worth it, we deserve it and we need to own it and practice it.

Practicing self-care in the form that means the most to us: a hot stone massage, a long walk in nature, snuggling with a pet,  meditation, a warm cup of tea in blissful silence....

Saying no when we want to without guilt or regret.

Being honest, truthful and authentic with ourselves first and then with others, even if it hurts or disappoints them.

Loving our imperfections, our mistakes and our darker sides as much as our successes.

Not buying our own excuses when we are afraid of taking a risk or putting ourselves out there.

Letting our unique talents and gifts shine.

Speaking our truth with love for ourselves and others.

Choosing healthy relationships that honor us knowing that, they too, will be imperfect at times.

Looking in the mirror and saying "I love you!"

Making a commitment to practice self-love every day in some form knowing that it has the potential to transform our lives.