The Secret Sauce

Don't you know? Don't you get it?

All of this time, you have been searching for the answer and here it is:

Noticing that fun and excitement exists in your day leads to fun and exciting times coming your way.

Becoming aware of events to feel grateful for in the present moment leads to more things you appreciate.

Acknowledging the peace that exists in each moment brings peaceful events to your life.

Seeing the love present in your life now brings more love to you.

Knowing you have prosperity brings you more abundance.

Can't you see? You hold the key. You and only you. Believe it. Take it. Reach out and take it.

Not because of what you will get or not to control the future but because it feels better.

It feels good to feel good. You have a choice.

The feeling needs to be visceral, experiential and authentic. Intellectualizing won't cut it - it falls short. It is too abstract. It is not believable.

And here's the kicker. When you are happy in the present moment, just as it is, you release all the conditions you previously felt had to be in place before you could be happy. Now, all of the wonderful things you once held at arm’s length flow to you effortlessly. And if they do not appear in the exact form or at the exact time you once thought they should, it won’t matter. You know they do not determine your happiness. You trust the Universe.

Pure appreciation, pure joy, pure freedom.

This is the secret sauce, the big kahuna, the real deal.

How simple and how perfect.

Don't you see?