Taking Charge of Our Vibration

Everything is made up of energy, including us. There is a field of potentiality that surrounds everything in existence. This field is responsible for the events in our world and brings to us like experiences matching the energy and vibration we emit. There are many scientists and researchers that explain this concept in a concrete and thorough manner such as Deepak Chopra and Gregg Braden, to name just two. The concept is as old as Einstein's era and beyond. However, it is not one that we give much thought to in our daily life.  Our vibration and how we direct it is so monumental that it determines the course of our lives. 

Our vibration consists of the energy we give out and the Universe responds to it in a fair and objective fashion. It's somewhat like placing an order in a catalog. If we are feeling impoverished and talking about the lack of money in our lives, we will get circumstances to match this, whether or not this was our intention. Our thoughts (conscious and subconscious) and our beliefs and emotions, as well as the words and actions we choose comprise our vibration. We are in charge of all of these, although we often let the circumstances of our day, our focus on what we do not want, or other peoples opinions, choices, and actions direct it. 

If we were to make a conscious choice to take charge of our vibration throughout our day, our lives would drastically change. We would experience longer periods of happiness and peace. Circumstances would change to create events in our lives that please us. Problems would smooth out and challenges would lesson. So how can such a simple concept change our lives for the better? 

The potential exists in our lives for every sort of event and experience possible, both positive and negative. We often, myself included, progress through our lives on automatic pilot, becoming blown around like leaves in the wind. Taking charge of our vibration takes determination, commitment, and awareness. Envisioning the bigger picture and understanding the way things work is critical. Deciding to take responsibility for our lives and claiming the free will and power we have within us is crucial. 

The next step is to make a commitment to maintain a high vibration level, whenever possible, by doing and saying things that make us happy and give us joy. First, we need to identify what those experiences are. They can be as simple as riding a bike, sitting on a porch swing, petting our cat or listening to music we enjoy. We could get a massage, spend time in nature, take a run or laugh with friends. We might volunteer at a food pantry, read a good book, take a vacation, or watch a funny movie. We need to remain in the moment and release past regrets and future worries by finding joy in the present. Whatever experience brings us joy and happiness is where we choose to focus our attention and time. 

We also have to acknowledge, accept, feel and release painful emotions and experiences; that is an important part of this process as well. Realizing that these feelings will pass is important. 

If we do this consistently, our world will change to match this state of high vibration and we will finally recognize and claim what powerful, creative creatures we truly are.