Inspiration is a spark of color in an otherwise bland landscape. It is the voice that whispers "what if" in our ear. It is that idea that won't leave until it gets our attention. Inspiration makes us feel alive and powerful, full of energy and possibility. 

Inspiration is the whisper from the universe that points us in the direction of our purpose. But will we pay attention or will we get distracted by life's echos? This place of creativity beckons us to join it from time to time. However, it is our choice whether to pay attention and follow its guidance or travel the sure-footed path we have planned for ourselves. 

I received the inspiration to write this book after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer and subsequently reflecting upon what mattered to me in my life. Examining my role as a parent and wishing I had the knowledge years ago that I now possessed, led me to the decision to write a book about my experiences and reflections. As a private person, this place was uncomfortable on many levels, but it was sprinkled with many moments of joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment. Those moments were enough to carry me through. 

This book has been a labor of love and has a piece of my heart and soul in it. It has touched the deepest part of me and in doing so, has led to areas of growth and clarity. The words came through me and took on a life of their own, needing to be said and needing to be shared. 

These moments of inspiration are gifts we discover in our otherwise predictable routine. When you have such a moment, savor it and cherish it. Make a choice to envision what could be. Take a moment to ponder "what if" for anything is possible.


A diagnosis of cancer is commonplace and many of us have had personal experience with it in some form. My own diagnosis of thyroid cancer came out of the blue, or so I thought. With the advantage of space and time after surgery and treatment, I realized it was preceded by warning signs which I did not heed. All of our physical ailments are directly related to emotional causes and since all of our systems are interrelated, they appear in different form. Cancer develops after a long period of deep-seated resentment, guilt, shame or anger. These emotions fester inside of us if we do not recognize, accept, and release them. I realized that mine developed after a long period of self-blame, guilt, and resentment. This was my body's wake-up call; a message to me that my belief system was not aligned in truth. The diagnosis and subsequent treatment woke me out of a fog of negativity and self-pity. With a change in perception, I moved to a place of clarity, inspiration and power. 

Cancer is prevalent in our society. We are living in a time when we are being nudged to wake up and  become aware of all the possibilities that exist, to claim our power and consciously choose the energy we exude. We are being asked to remember that love is what we are here for, love for ourselves as well as others. When we are not in alignment, we will receive a wake-up call. However, we do not have to let it get to the point where we become ill. 

We have not chosen to be here at this place and time to have everything we desire dropped on our doorstep; this experience would not foster our growth. We are here to claim our innate power to create the world we desire while contributing our talents to the world. That is exciting and powerful; it is the basis of creation. 

Cancer is a suppression of love; love for ourselves and for others. This state of self-loathing, deep hurt,  and resentment of others is about as far from self-love as we can get. Our awareness that this is toxic to us in the long-term creates a desire for change. Accepting and releasing those feelings is the next step. 

 I realize my diagnosis of thyroid cancer was a gift. Although difficult to go through, it shook me out of a place of self-pity and encouraged me to look honestly at my life and my beliefs.  I was led to a place of honesty, empowerment,  and faith. Remaining here, however, is a matter of practice; it is very easy to slide backwards to familiar patterns. 

We have to become aware of our feelings, our motivations, and our beliefs about ourselves and the world. If they are not based in love, they are false. We can use our feelings as monitoring systems that sound an alarm when they become persistently negative. This awareness serves as the basis for change and prevention of illness.